One fragrance instead of a thousand words ... Or all about it - Jean Patou "1000"

Well, so I gathered my strength to describe the impressions of my new vintage acquisition. I ask for a cut, girls :)
Jean Patou "1000"
Description from the manufacturer and the pyramid:
1000 Jean Patou - a fragrance for women, belongs to the floral fragrance group.
1000 was launched in 1972. Perfumer: Jean Kerleo.
Top notes are coriander, green notes, bergamot, tangerine and violet leaf;
Heart notes: Iris, Violet, Jasmine, Chinese osmanthus, Lily of the valley, rose and Geranium;
Base notes are sandalwood, amber, musk, patchouli, civetta, oakmoss and vetiver.
Detailed opinion:
I am the happy owner of a vintage edition of this perfume, tentatively of the 80s. I have it in parfum concentration, that is, pure perfumes with an original formula - the one that was before the company Procter & Gamble bought Jean Patou.
And now about the spirits themselves. First, the general characteristics: they are very oily, cognac-colored, resistant to impossibility - they lasted two days, having survived three souls. In general, a dream, not a perfume.
And the aroma ...
Like all vintage fragrances, in which the now forbidden components were still used, they have an incredibly luxurious bouquet. It opens with notes of patchouli and sandalwood - fragrant, rich, tart, dizzy. If you overdo it with the application - and you need to apply literally one drop on the skin and rub between the wrists - then the head may become ill. Then the sweet wave rolls back a little and freshness emerges from it with a clear note, like a breath of cold air in the middle of July heat. These notes of iris and geranium dilute the fragrant sweetness. And in the midst of this plexus, bright as a shooting star, an animal chord appears cybetine - a real, not a modern synthetic parody of it. It does not dominate, does not overshadow the delicate flowers, but gives depth to their aroma. And already at the end, when the aroma disappears from the skin, notes of greenery and very little citrus are felt in it - quite on the verge of perception.
In general, the sensation of perfume can be described in one way-picture: late evening, in the hands of a bouquet of ripped wildflowers - small, nondescript, but bright, fragrant, tickling their sense of smell with a gamut of various delicate odors and greens. And then you bring this bouquet to your face and burrow into it with your nose, and inhale, inhale ...
The aroma is iridescent, luxurious, evening, but not languid and not heavy. In my opinion, it is more suitable for blondes than brunettes.
And personally, I associate it with the amazing blonde Anita Ekberg - a flowering, strong woman whose body itself is like a song of color and life, clothed in flesh.

Price: Now - a rarity. Cheaper than 4,500 thousand can be found, but difficult.
Girls! Now I have no opportunity to photograph the bottle and add the photo to the post. As soon as possible. While I can send not my photos in PM.
Thanks to everyone. I am Daria.

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