The dark side of my varnishes

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I, like many, was attracted to darker varnishes with the onset of autumn. Here is not my entire collection of "blacks", but so far only those that spent the September days with me. I suggest to get acquainted

1. YLLOZURE Vernis a Ongles Glamor # 6060 FETE
Detailed opinion:
About one Yllozure I already wrote here. After that I bought three more, I like these varnishes with the quality and ease of application. They have the perfect brush and consistency for me, I almost do without adjusting the lines after painting. If you need to paint your nails quickly - then for me the choice is obvious, this is Yllozure :)
This shade is a scattering of the smallest dark pink mica (or large shimmer?) In a gray base. The base itself is transparent enough and for complete confidence you need 3 layers of varnish to cover the luminous tip of the nail. These layers do not dry too quickly. The surface is smooth, but this varnish does not give gloss, it is necessary to cover with a top. Due to the abundance of sparkles, it actively shines in the sun and a little chameleonite, from afar the nails seem dirty burgundy.
It is worn well, but personally I quickly get bored, on the third day I already want to wash it off.
Swatch: (3 layers of varnish + top)
In the sun:
With flash:
In daylight:

Volume: 11.5 ml
Price: 359 rub with discount
Rating: 4 (good varnish for the money, but something was missing in it ...)
2. GIVENCHY Vernis Please! # 180 ACOUSTIC PURPLE

Detailed opinion:
Lacquer from the Givenchy fall collection. I really don’t know why I grabbed it ... I have been looking at the blue for a long time, but somehow I didn’t dare, and for some reason I bought this baby without hesitation, back in early August. His color is really beautiful - deep blue, bright, noticeable, it does not produce the effect of near-black varnish. A shimmer is richly mixed in it - pink and blue, which is not very noticeable on the nails. With electric light, it goes more into violet, and with daylight, into pure blue.
Now about the technical specifications. This varnish was probably created in order to wear it in 1 layer - both the small volume and the density of the varnish are proof of this. The varnish is very viscous and viscous, it does not go to bed tightly, without gaps, but I failed to lay it exactly with this brush on one occasion. And two layers categorically did not want to dry, if not for drying, then by morning, probably, all possible prints would remain on my manicure. The brush is completely uncomfortable for me - short, slightly flared towards the end, not too elastic. The finish of the varnish is not very glossy, i.e. the gloss of the varnish itself is abundant, but due to the abundance of the shimmer, the surface looks heterogeneous (but it only looks, it feels absolutely smooth to the touch). The durability is also average, the jammed tips appeared already on the 2nd day.
In general, I want the same color, but without dancing with tambourines and for less money :)
Swatch: (2 layers of varnish + top)
In daylight:

With electrical:

Volume: 5.5 ml
Price: about 600 rubles. with discount
Rating: 3+ for chic color, there’s nothing more to bet
3. INGLOT Nail Enamel # 964

Detailed opinion:
This varnish belongs to the Gray collection series. At first glance, the bottle seems almost burgundy. In fact, this is all due to the large number of red shimmer that floats in the gray-brown base, and this mother-of-pearl base. The composition is beautiful and in a bottle under the right light it looks interesting enough that I was simply bribed by me in the store with their spotlights. On the nails, the varnish behaves differently. In dim electric light, the brown tint prevails and the nails appear gray-chocolate, in bright light and in the sun, a shimmer actively appears and gives the varnish a maroon, and sometimes for some reason a purple color. Without the sun, gray, almost pearl nacre is visible. In general, a complex varnish, I liked it.
The brush is thin, it seems even thinner than that of Chanel, at least the varnish is gaining less, I sometimes miss one brush on the nail. The varnish is quite liquid, the first layer does not always lie down tightly, the second corrects the situation. But like any mother of pearl, it terribly emphasizes the texture of the nail and can strip.
And now I’ll try to show what happens on a photo: (2 layers of varnish + top)
Under electric light it looks gray-brown with a slight metallic luster:

In the afternoon, a grayer shade appears, slightly leaving in burgundy:

And here gray pearl shine is clearly visible:
In the sun, the varnish acquires a burgundy-violet color:

Volume: 15 ml
Price: 450 rub
Rating: 5, this is my first Inglot and it turned out to be unexpectedly interesting, so we will be friends :)
4. CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Color # 483 VENDETTA
Detailed opinion:
Well-known comrade here. I noticed it for a long time and now, finally, I bought it. And he didn’t disappoint me, but he delighted me. There is something so attractive in this varnish that you want to wear it constantly.
The varnish is dark dark purple, leaving more blue, with blue and pink-violet tiniest shimmer. As often happens, on the nails such a microswitch is usually not visible, it appears only under a flash or bright sun, but the rest of the time it gives some depth of color. The texture is a liquid cream that spreads well on the nail, is quite dense, but I still paint in 2 layers. Its gloss, like most Chanels, is excellent. It is worn on me quite well, the tips are wiped on the 3rd day, chips appear after 5 days of wear.
Swatch: (2 layers of varnish + top)
With flash:

In the sun:

Volume: 13 ml
Price: about 900 rub. with discount
Rating: 5, I really like this varnish, at the moment one of the favorites
5. CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Color PROVOCATION
Detailed opinion:
Provocation is the representative of the Chanel collection for Fashion's Night Out 2012. This varnish is my great hope and little disappointment. I bought it without hesitation and stubbornly thought it was purple, and by swatch and when tested in the store and in the bottle, I still see a beautiful, clean dark purple hue. But in reality it turned out that he constantly balances on the verge of chocolate and purple. A kind of rotten plum color. The shade is certainly interesting, complex, I have nothing like it and I do not regret it at all. Of course, it opens better in the sun, it becomes lighter and reddish-purple notes prevail over brown ones. At the first moment after painting, I was even a little upset, but then every day I fell in love with this unusual creamy plum color more and more. The color is very soft, non-screaming, despite its dark shade. In my opinion, this is the autumn of the five, cozy, luxurious and noble.
The texture of an unambiguous cream, without any impurities, dense, not too liquid, I wear in 2 layers. Dries quickly, gloss and wear like other representatives of the brand. The tips are rubbed on me for 3-4 days, this time I took it for 8 full days with a top and no chips, I think this is a worthy result. It is erased without problems and does not stain nails.
Swatch: (2 layers of varnish + top)
Daylight (violet is clearly visible):

In the shade (almost chocolate):

Volume: 13 ml
Price: 1320 rub. For all its beauty and complaisance, I’m not sure that varnish is worth the money ... but I really wanted to :)
Rating: 5
Here is my lacquered September. I apologize if I am tired of anyone :)
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