BB cream. My history

These two BB creams are one of their most famous and popular among their counterparts.
The first, MISSHA Oriental Herb Medicine Gold Care BB cream SPF 30 / PA ++ / Anti-aging BB cream based on rare Korean plants
Luxury BB cream is considered one of the best products of this brand. Designed specifically for the care and rejuvenation of mature skin. In addition, it has in its composition a bunch of all sorts of values ​​and usefulness, and, importantly, it has a sun protection factor SPF30.
The cream is available in two shades, I have shade number 2 - natural beige, neutral, without a pink or yellow sub-tone.
It ideally merges with the skin, has a dense coating, is easily applied to the skin, very delicate in texture, has a light herbal smell. The skin does not dry, does not emphasize peeling and pores. It is declared as an active moisturizer, so young women with combi-oily skin can begin to shine after a few hours (matting napkins are very helpful). This BB cream creates an ideal face with an even tone, is invisible on the face, makes the skin fresh.
Packaging - 20 ml tube.
It may seem dark on the hand, but on the face it is perfectly distributed and adjusts to the skin tone.

A few minutes after application
Full image (BB cream, blush, powder did not use)

Rating: 5
Duration of use: about a year
Price: in the area: 1 thousand rubles
Second, Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA +++ 50ml
The composition of this cream is also full of all sorts of useful substances, so it has moisturizing and smoothing properties, it has just a huge SPF 42 PA +++!
Although this BB cream is considered to be one of the most dense, it has a maximum hiding power, but in comparison with the first it certainly loses (my vessels on the wings of the nose are slightly smeared). It is absorbed longer, even after the cream is absorbed and adjusts to the skin, you want to powder your face, it seems that the skin is shiny and make-up for a couple of hours, did not notice matting at all.
Exists in five shades:
13 - Milky Beige Milk Beige
21 - Light Beige
23 - Natural Beige Natural Beige
27 - Honey Beige Sand Honey
31 - Golden Beige Golden Beige.
I have a shade of No. 21, suitable for fair-skinned young ladies, applied easily, has a perfume fragrance.
Packing - a tube with a dispenser, 50 ml.

A few minutes after applying the cream
Full image (BB cream, blush, powder did not use)

Rating: 4 -
Duration of use: about a year
Price: in the area: 800 rubles.
I want to note that I use BB cream exclusively as a foundation, although BB cream is declared primarily as a skin care cream, and then a foundation. It is recommended to apply it on clean skin, without using a moisturizer. After applying the cream, it takes time to “shrink”. After 15-20 minutes, it oxidizes and adjusts to the skin tone. Because almost all BB creams have moisturizing ingredients in their composition, then in the winter they need to be applied 20-30 minutes before going out.
I apply BB cream with my fingers, so I immediately noticed that it is washed off from the hands much more difficult than the usual tonal remedy, therefore, you need to remove it from the face somehow in a special way. I use butter and foam. I will tell in the next post :-))
Thanks for attention!

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