Kenzoki Sensual Hands Balm - pleasant pampering for the skin of the hands

Good day to all. Today I share my impression of hand balm Kenzoki Sensual Hands Balm.

Description: white lupine extract moisturizes and gives elasticity, marula oil nourishes and protects, ocumirrin preserves the beauty of nails. The texture is quickly absorbed into the skin. Your hands look beautiful, gentle when touched, sensually fragrant.
Active components: vegetable water, rice vegetable water, essential oils, oligoelements and mineral salts, white lupine extract, marula oil, ocumirrin.
Widespread Opinion: Somehow half a year ago I ended up with hand cream. I never bought the same creams, and yet not a single one caused a storm of pleasant emotions, so that I wanted to buy again. Mostly I used to have a mass market like Nivea, Garnier and so on. Often at work there was a matter - I’ll open the tester and smear something from the suite. Hands wildly dried out at work, and at home I abuse washing dishes without gloves, I know that I’m wrong, I’m trying to develop this habit in myself. And somehow I got a tester of this cream. The first thing I really liked was the aroma. Very unusual, sensual, like a lotus bouquet with vanilla. In perfumery, I do not really like such aromas, although it all depends on the mood.
The cream has a rather oily texture, but it is absorbed quickly enough, which can not but rejoice, I think no one likes to grind for a long time and wait until everything is absorbed. The husband reacted very ambiguously to the aroma, said that it looks like an air freshener. So if he’s at home, I put on the cream and put on gloves. After application, the cream does not leave a greasy film, the skin becomes soft, although the effect is short-lived, I want to apply it in order to somehow prolong it and enjoy the aroma - a sort of aromatherapy session. In general, on the aroma and quick absorption, its advantages end. I want the cream to fulfill its function, but after half a year of use I didn’t see any super-effect, yes, my hands are soft, but the effect is short-term, my nails also didn’t get better, the cuticle remained dry and remained , I can say the same about the claimed moisture, I didn’t notice it much. The fragrance remains on the skin for half an hour, then it is not heard.
The verdict is a very, very pleasant pampering, great for massage and relaxation, as well as an aromatherapy session, but nothing more, especially for its price.
Rating: 5 per aroma, 2 per action
Term of use:half a year (volume 80ml)
Price: about 900r

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