Cosmence: Gel nettoyant moussant quotidian and Re-Fine Pore Micro-Ciblage Gel

Today I want to tell you more about a couple of French products (I got a month of French cosmetics). It will be about two amazingly healthy washing gels. After almost half a year washing my face with tar soap, at some point I was scared to try something else (I immediately remembered a pimple face that discouraged all experiments). On the other hand, the descriptions seemed very promising to me, so I decided to try it at my own peril and risk. What came of this, learn under the cut.

Cosmence Purifiance Gel nettoyant moussant quotidian - Cleansing gel against skin imperfections

This cleansing foaming gel is specially designed for oily problem skin, promises cleansing, antibacterial effect, reduction of acne, blackheads and other skin troubles (though they don’t promise an instant effect, they say that the skin will become cleaner and more beautiful day by day). Does not contain soap.

The gel is transparent, blue in color, it smells of something chemist's with menthol. By the way, at the first time of use there was a rather noticeable cooling effect, which is now almost not felt by me. The gel perfectly cleanses the skin, removes sebum and dirt. Has some matting effect. It requires rubbing the face with tonic or lotion, as it slightly tightens the skin. As for the promised anti-acne effect, it seems to be there, but not in such a way that it is completely ah. I would say that the gel helps to maintain the skin in a stable state, if in some other ways you have already achieved it. From just washing with this gel acne will not pass. On the other hand, the additional anti-blemish effect is never superfluous.
Over the past month, my brother and I have used half of the money for two. By the way, he also liked the gel (it’s called, give it a try once, then you won’t drag it by the ears), it cleanses its oily skin well with small rashes.
Estimated price: 7,00 € -15,90 €
Rating: 5
Test period: 1 month
Cosmence Re-Fine Pore Micro-Ciblage Gel - Cleansing and tightening pore cleansing gel

The second gel is specifically aimed at cleansing and narrowing pores, contains zinc and clay. It has a very specific smell, similar to some kind of medicine. The gel itself is completely transparent, it gives a fine foam (compared to the first gel, the foam is not so fluffy and lush).

The gel very, very healthy cleanses the skin, is pleasant to use, although it will not please lovers of exquisite fragrances and fragrances. I like to use this gel before applying masks, and it’s great to wash themselves at night. Again, the gel is primarily aimed at cleansing pores and removing sebum, which slightly dries the skin.
I even find it difficult to say which of these two gels I like more, both are very good.
Estimated price: 5,00 - € 11,90 €
Rating: 5
Test period: 1 month

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