TOO Faced Glamor TO GO Face Collection

Good day to all! Today I will show you the wonderful Too Faced travel kit.

This set is a limited edition (spring 2012). I bought it on, where you can find it now.
Manufacturer: (free translation) TOO FACED GLAMOR TO GO FACE COLLECTION is the dream of every beauty lover. The set is ideal as a gift to yourself or someone. Lightweight, compact, including many shades of shadows - the perfect travel companion.

My opinion:
Packaging: The set is made of glossy black plastic, very solid, strong. Outwardly very cute, with cute patterns and a pink sticker with gold cupids. Very light and compact, fits easily in the palm of your hand (9x6 cm, height slightly less than 2 cm), equipped with a mirror. It is really perfect when traveling. There is one minus in my copy. This applies to how the shadows are glued into the palette. Half the shadows are put on a palette haphazardly. In addition, the smell of the pallet is unpleasant. I suspect this is glue. The kit, by the way, was made in China. I don’t understand how a manufacturer of this class (you can say "luxury") can set up a factory in China. Maybe stereotypes influence me, but it seems wrong to me. And it saddens. I knew that my palette would most likely be made in China (and even if only the manufacturer monitored the quality). In order to avoid fake, I ordered it on the above site. And then there is such an embarrassment with crooked shadows! I still doubt the authenticity score. However, comparing the reviews of other girls about this set and my feelings, I understand that they coincide.
The set consists of two compartments. At the top are 8 shades of shadows (0.92 g), in the second compartment are: blush and bronzer (2.17 g each) and lip gloss (0.74 g).

Shadows: Each shade has its own characteristics, but in general, the shadows are easily shaded, and almost to zero, becoming translucent, but at the same time they are easily layered and give a saturated color. Because of this, it is difficult to judge pigmentation, but I would say that it is average. The texture is generally pleasant, but the shadows are dry and may crumble. Pretty persistent (6-8 hours without a base). Shades are very versatile, for any color type, season of the year and day. And in a feast, and in the world, and in good people.

A little more in detail about each shade:
1. Too Faced Bronze Copper - red shade, very well pigmented, mother-of-pearl. I didn’t think that he would be useful to me at all and considered him an outsider until I tried. The quality is excellent, and the shade itself suited me. Perfectly emphasizes blue and blue eyes.
2. Too Faced Cool Taupe - A sophisticated gray-pink chameleon. Satin It goes well with 3 number.
3. Too Faced Sheer Pink - a pink chameleon. Cretaceous, not the best in the palette. Weakly pigmented
4. Too Faced Antique Gold - very beautiful cold gold. But the manufacturer ruined everything by adding coarse vulgar glitter. They crumble on the face, creating discomfort.
5. Too Faced Velvet Matte - wonderful matte brown (the only matte shade in the set). The color is amazing, without redness and redness. Feathers easily, pigmentation is excellent. I love in one word!
6. Too Faced Cream - a white shade with small sparkles. Pigmented poorly, barely noticeable in makeup.
7. Too Faced Slate Gray - a classic gray satin shade.
8. Too Faced Black Gold - a gray-black shade with small gold sparkles.
Swatch and makeup examples (as I can). Almost all photos with makeup in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrow have white shadows from the set, but it is impossible to trace them.

Here: 3 shades for the entire eyelid, the second - in the fold and in the outer corner of the eye.

The first shade for the entire moving eyelid, the 8th - in the crease and in the outer corner.

8th - for the entire eyelid, 1st - in the inner corner.

4th shade - for the entire moving eyelid.

5th shade, matte brown - solo.

Blush (Too Faced Peachy Pink) and Bronzer (Too Faced Rich Golden Glow): They have the same characteristics as shadows. Translucent, easily layered. Pigmentation in bronzer is better than in blush (blush is very light). There are small sparkles, barely noticeable. In the photo, blush gives the effect of Photoshop. The durability of the bronzer suits me (about 6 hours), but the blush disappears quickly. Both products are not perfect.

Blush (and shadows that do not combine with them). Put brighter for the photo.
No flash

Lip gloss: Too Faced Translucent Nude. And what does the "transparent nude" have to do with it? Very poor gloss. There is a lot of pearl in it, which makes the lips look dead. Feels on the lips. It has a vanilla aroma and vaseline consistency. In a word, nasty. Adapted as a cream highlighter, but without much pleasure. I don’t use it at all.

The post was huge! To summarize: good travel kit!
Rating: 4
Term of use: 1 month.
Price: 19 pounds
I hope you enjoyed my post. Thank you all for watching! Dasha