Clean Line Reviews

Hello ladies!
I want to share with you the impression of a set of products for hair care products from Clean Line. And so, to whom it is interesting I ask under kat:
These three products were presented to me, it is unlikely that I would have bought them myself, since I had products from this company and I won’t say that I was disappointed in them, but I didn’t feel enthusiasm either)))). I ended up with another shampoo and I decided to try my present. The set includes shampoo Volume and Strength for Fine and Weakened hair, balm rinse Volume and Strength for Fine and Weakened hair, and phytoserum Volume and Strength that does not weigh down hair.
A little about my hair: long, thin, colored, now growing (trying to grow), the last time I dyed about six months ago, I endure as best I can, the ends are slightly cut, dry, the roots are bold pretty quickly, my head is in a day. Oh, yes, they are also a little curly from humidity, in general, not ice))))
What the manufacturer promises us: volume, strength, protection against damage.
Pure Line Shampoo Volume and Strength for thin and weakened hair Wheat and Flax (250ml):

A thick, translucent, slightly greenish color, the smell is very! pleasant - it smells of herbs, but I repeat, which is pleasantly insane!
Widespread opinion: It foams very well, I usually soap my hair 2 times, here I did it at first too, but then I realized that 1 time is enough, it rinses perfectly, which is called "before the creak", it is spent economically.
Pure Line Balm-Rinse Volume and Strength for thin and weakened hair Wheat and Flax (250ml):

Thick, dense white, smells of herbs, but not like a shampoo, although it is also nice.
Widespread opinion: For me, balm is primarily unraveling the hair after shampoo, to be honest, this is not the case, the hair after it is as tangled as after washing your hair with shampoo, the only thing he does, in my opinion, is moisturizing the hair (I tried not to use it and I realized that the ends with him are not so dry).
Pure line Phytoserum Volume and Strength for thin and weakened hair Wheat and Flax (70ml):

Slippery, translucent texture is instantly distributed over the hair, almost does not remain on the hands, it smells like a shampoo, but a little more harsh.
Widespread opinion: A cool thing, it would be more, since it is not too economical. Styling with it is easier, that's just this serum perfectly separates the hair, smoothes it and makes it very obedient.
And so, my opinion is this: no matter how much they add to me, neither all together, nor separately. I honestly didn’t find any strength either, the only thing I can say for sure is that the roots of steel began to bold not so quickly and the ends came to life a bit. As for the smell, it keeps on me all day, for some it is a significant minus, but since I really liked the smell, in my case it is a plus.
Term of use: More than a month
Shampoo 5
Balm 4+
Phytoserum 5 +++
And lastly, photos of my hair washed using all three products and dried naturally, i.e. without hairdryer:

As you can see - no volume ((
Thank you all for reading (leafing through).
My name is Alena, to me on "you"