The mouse is pink

When the OPI collection, dedicated to Minnie Mouse, was just announced, lacogolics in their mass immediately rejected the colors. Like, and the colors are boring, and the "creepy shimmer". In part, I agree: many do not like pink, and this color in the lacomode is now clearly not on the wave. In addition, for serious ladies, Vintage Minnie Mouse is hardly suitable. But those who still doubt, I will try to convince!

1) OPI - I'm All Ears.
It will be mainly about this shade.
The texture of the varnish is raspberry-pink jelly with the addition of raspberry and blue shimmer. It is applied perfectly - not liquid and not thick, very successful texture. Since this is jelly, and the jelly is quite transparent so that the line of the free edge is not visible, at least three layers are needed. For me, two is enough, for me the presence of the line is not a disaster.
The standard brush is descriptive, for me it’s a bit wide.
In the photo, the OPI base is Ridge Filler, two layers of varnish (3 layers on the ring fingers), top-drying Seche Vite
2) OPI - Nothin 'Mousie' bout It
I’ll immediately draw your attention to the fact that the ring finger is decorated with another varnish from this collection.
A little more detail: this is a fairly dense base in which pink, white and purple shimmer floats and, of course, charming hearts! The filling in the varnish is mixed enough so that it becomes not just thick, but very thick. So thick that I can’t shake it, despite the two balls inside! Therefore, you have to turn it over before applying for a while. Hearts are reluctantly caught, but they still do not cause any particular difficulties. It's a shame when the heart gets stuck inside the villi of the brush, picking them out is already much more steamed.
So, enough words!
Photographs in daylight scattered light indoors:

Now, let's go for a walk (the weather helped)

There is nothing remarkable in the sock, I erase it for 3 days, since the ends are overwritten. But for me this is absolutely normal stamina.
Grade lacquers - certainly 5!
The cost of varnish - in the online store $ 6.80
Thanks for attention,
I'm Natalia

Watch the video: The Pink Panther in "Pink-A-Boo" (February 2020).