Dior Addict Lipstick Vibrant Color Spectacular Shine Reviews

My post today will be about lipstick, which I have been looking for unsuccessfully for a long time.
The thing is that once I published a post about finding my color type. After finding out from the comments and my own feelings that I was more suitable for pink with a blue undertone, I started searching. For six months I bought myself lipsticks, which, in my opinion, were suitable, but, when I looked closely, not that. I already despaired, but then she appeared ...)

From the manufacturer in the catalog Beauticians.
My opinion:
This is a definite favorite! She doesn’t dry her lips, has a rich color that does not fade for a long time, it’s very convenient to apply without a mirror. I’m absolutely comfortable with it in all respects. It lasts no longer than 2 hours without snacking, but for me it is not a drawback, I like to tint my lips. The color suits me perfectly, I use it for any makeup, it is universal. I will choose it, finally I will no longer have to store unnecessary lipsticks and get upset.
In stick

On the hand

In the bright sun
sorry for the hair

In the shade, daylight


Full image

A lot of photos)
Rating: Unconditional 5.
Price: 1200.
Thank you for rushing to me, I’m Alena, on the "you")

Watch the video: ลปสตกดออรแอดดครนใหม DIOR ADDICT VIBRANT COLOR SPECTACULAR SHINE (February 2020).