Three Elements of Perfect Shaving - The Art of Shaving with Sandalwood

Pre-Shave Oil The Art of Shaving Pre Shave Oil Sandalwood Essential Oil

What is pre-shave oil? Oh, this is a very nice feature of men's cosmetic brands, especially those who specialize in shaving products (the leading brand here is the American brand The Art of Shaving, which has 4 of these oils in stock). My husband met these oils in 2006 and still uses them regularly.
How to use? The manufacturer recommends 4 steps: an oil is applied to the washed face before shaving (do not rinse off!), Then - a cream or other shaving agent, actually shaving, and finally - after shave balm.
What is The Art of Shaving before shaving in?
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Natural Aroma.
Oils of this brand differ in smell (and in the content, respectively, of the essential oils that give this smell - lavender, lemon, sandalwood).
Can The Art of Shaving oils be used with other brands of shaving products?
It is entirely possible, a husband sometimes does this when he takes a minimum of business trip or vacation. The oil goes well with Crabtree & Evelyn, for example.
What skin types is oil suitable for?
The manufacturer positions it for all skin types, you have to choose only between odors. My husband has normal skin, which is close to oily, while my father has mature, thin and sometimes dry skin - the oil is ideal for both of them. It does not clog pores, but provides excellent hydration and gives skin comfort after shaving.
What is butter?
It looks like an ordinary oil, it is slightly thicker than ordinary oil, for example, olive or avocado. Probably the closest to it in consistency is castor oil, which is not surprising - there are a lot of this oil in this tool.
What gives oil?
It prepares the skin for a comfortable shave, softens facial hair and reduces friction during shaving without leaving a greasy coating, as a result - reduces irritation and cuts, prevents the appearance of new hair. Smoothes and soothes the skin. Plus an element of aromatherapy due to the content of essential oil. Prior to this oil, the husband used oils with the smell of lavender, lemon and odorless, and sandalwood remained the only untested.
Is it worth it to get?
For me it’s definitely worth it. But you, of course, know better if your husband will use it and whether you are ready to spend money :) As an option, you can try to mix castor oil with olive oil and add essential oil, I even tried and it worked out well, not all the same a little wrong.
Price: 771 rub. for 60 ml on strawberries (this copy is 30 ml), we bought as part of a set of 3 products with a shaving brush for 1600 rubles.
Duration of use: 1 month
Rating: 5+

Shaving Cream The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream Sandalwood Essential Oil (Travel Size, Pump, For All Skin Types)

Typically, brand shaving creams are produced in large round cans, and right in the can, the cream foams with a brush and is applied to the face. Here we are dealing with travel packaging, when the cream is not as thick as in a jar, but a little thinner, otherwise it would not have come out of the dispenser. You can foam it both with a brush-brush and directly with your fingers. Like oil, the cream smells of sandalwood, but the smell is very unobtrusive and subsequently does not interfere with the smell of perfume, rather, this is a small aromatherapy session during shaving. I'm just learning to read the formulations, but it seems to me that glycerin and coconut oil in the composition is not bad, right? The cream is applied directly to the oil before shaving, or simply to wet skin (if your husband does not use oil). The manufacturer promises that the foam softens and raises the hair for a more comfortable and thorough shave, prevents irritation and cuts with a razor - all this is true.
Price: 514 rub. on strawberry solo, we bought as part of a set of 3 products with a shaving brush for 1600 rubles.
Duration of use: 1 month
Rating: 5+

After Shave Balm The Art of Shaving Shaving After Shave Balm Sandalwood Essential Oil

Another compact tool for travel, the third stage of men's skin care while shaving. The composition of the balm includes grape seed extracts, shea butter and vitamin C, which, on the one hand, moisturize and nourish the skin, and on the other hand, do not clog pores and heal. In my opinion, the perfect tool for the winter months, when the skin does not interfere with nutrition and recovery. The mother-of-pearl balm is quite thick, economical, has a light scent of sandalwood, but, like the previous remedies, does not give a strong smell, but quickly disappears, you feel it only when you touch your cheek with your nose :) It can be combined both with the products of this brand and with other means, from this he does not get worse. A good gift option for an older man (dad, grandfather), because conservative men do not accept the smells of lemon and lavender, and few use oil before shaving and shaving brush, and everyone uses balm.
Price: 1300 rub. for 100 ml on strawberries, we bought as part of a set of 3 products with a shaving brush for 1600 rubles, this tool is 30 ml
Duration of use: 1 month
Rating: 5+

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