Clarins Ombre Minerale 4 Couleurs Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Reviews

Good day to all! I'll tell you today about the 4-color palette of shadows from Clarins. After buying a lip balm that upset me from this brand, I did not give up trying to make friends with her, and now I am the owner of these shadows))) My choice fell on the 02 Nude shade in natural colors, because I have hazel eyes. Yes, and I do not have such colors, and all sorts of green and purple dust there for years, I just can’t smear them
Let's start from the very beginning - with packaging. This is what the box looks like:

On the back of the instructions for using shades:

Inside - a little red case - a dust collector, in which there is a case with shadows:

As we see - the golden box, almost like a mirror, was instantly screwed up by me (sorry) ... We tear it off: by the way, it opens 180 degrees))) inside there is a big good mirror

We see four shades of shadows and two applicators - one standard and one sharp (very convenient). They are separated from the shadows by a plastic partition:

Well, now about the shadows themselves. (In my photo they are numbered differently than in the manufacturer’s diagram, in the description I use my numbering). First, look at the swatch, and then I'll talk about every shade)
On the hand:


the sun

electric lighting

Now consider each shade closer:

1. Ivory color, very shimmer. The first time I applied it to the entire eyelid to the eyebrow and under the eyebrow, the crease was darkened with a shade of No. 3, I did not like it, now I will use it only in the corner, because it painfully shimmers))) It is typed well, it does not crumble.

2. The most brilliant of the whole palette, changes hue from pale pink to saturated salmon. I’ll probably use it for holiday makeup, so as not to look like a Christmas tree in everyday life. It is just as easily typed and does not show off on the cheeks.

3. A very interesting color, looks like dark chocolate, in fact, it can give a violet tint under certain lighting))) It has very delicate gold blotches (the camera doesn’t catch them) It does not crumble.

4. Dark beige, my beloved I'm glad that it is more weight than others)))) There are also no problems with the application.
All the shades are not mother-of-pearl, but simply very shimmer-like, but for the daily make-up they are quite acceptable (except perhaps # 2, but maybe I "just don’t know how to cook it"). And now I will show how I wear them in ordinary life))) Nothing complicated, here is the diagram:


Everything is standard. For the holiday I’ll add either No. 1 or No. 2 for greater beauty)
They hold excellently on the base, without a base I don’t wear shadows at all.
Term of use: five times a 35 degree heat)
Price: 1391 rup with a 25% discount in the WG.
Thank you for reading)))

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