Lucky Jeanmishel - High Quality at a Low Price

Good evening everyone!

Two random varnishes successfully replenished my collection, so I invite everyone, especially lovers of bright colors, to their review

I am a lover of unusual colors, so if I see a bubble with interesting content, I try to get it right away. These 2 pleasures (as it turned out later) were bought by me at CentrObuy Are you surprised? I, too! Still!
1. Lac Jeanmishel # 10
This varnish is suitable for any jeans outfit and not only. It reminds me of the color of the blue clear sky on a beautiful summer day

2. Lacquer Jeanmishel # 20
This delicate color, depending on the lighting, plays with its pinkish-lilac shade.

The quality of these two products pleasantly surprises:
~ High durability: it doesn’t wear off completely from the tips, max after 6 days, a millimeter thread will bounce off (at the same time, I do all the household chores without gloves and I don’t cover nails with any strengthening agent and drying);
~ Quick drying (for those who like to make up nails and immediately dig deeper somewhere it’s especially important, as for me);
~ Does not bubble, even if applied immediately layer by layer;
~ Easy enough to remove with nail polish remover, leaves no stains and does not absorb into nails
Minus insignificant for the ridiculous price of varnishes:
~ From the first application, there are “gaps” on the nails, the entire nail is ideally painted only from the second application (but this is not a problem for me, because I always prefer 2 applications for the color depth).
Price of 1 varnish: 15 rubles in Centr shoes, really ridiculous price ...
Test period: 2 months
Rating for both varnishes: Fine!
My dear readers, thank you for your attention to my second post
Nasya, Nastya, Nastena ... call it convenient
See you soon!
P.S. Sorry for the quality and background of the photos ...

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