Jessica Gelato Mio! Collection Summer 2012. Summer collection of varnishes Jessica 2012

Good day to all! Summer is rapidly moving away from us and I want to extend its sunny days and bright colors a little more.
Gelato Mio! Jessica summer collection cheered me up on a rainy day today))

My free translation of the name of this collection is “My Morozhenko!”)) I hope I will not plunge anyone into linguistic shock
All colors are delicate, creamy, tasty - like real ice cream.
Jessica banana peel
Absolutely delicate yellow shade, not bright, not screaming - you just want to touch it. I liked it very much))
Jessica barely blueberry
I was a little confused in determining the shade of this varnish, in different photos it looks differently - sometimes closer to blue, then to gray, but in any case the color is very pleasant, refreshing.
Jessica Lime Cooler
The name of the varnish refers to lime, however, the color reminded me of pistachio ice cream, my favorite)) The color is also fresh, very summer and kind of optimistic
Jessica Strawberry Shake It
Did you order strawberry ice cream?)) That's it, I think ice cream. I'm not a big fan of pink, but I liked this color. This is some modest pink, delicate pink - just wonderful pink ...
Jessica Surfer Boyz 'n Berry
This is the shade I would first acquire, I love the turquoise color. It seemed to me refined, airy, how beautiful it would look on tanned hands, and also a white translucent dress and perfume with the smell of a sea breeze ... Varnish for a dreamy girl))
Jessica tangerine dreamz
Coral orange soft color. This ice cream with mango, tangerine and passion fruit)) Creamy, very appetizing shade in the trend of this summer. I think everyone has clothes or shoes or an accessory of this color, without them this summer, well, there’s simply no life
Price £ 8.75 for lookfantastic.
What can I say at the end - a very romantic collection turned out. I would like to put on a simple dress and run on a date To receive a bouquet of pink peonies as a gift, laugh and eat ice cream in a frivolous cafe with soft armchairs and floral wallpaper ...
photo from the catalog Laura Ashley
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