Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

It will be about two white varnishes - almost wedding in their style. “Practically” - because they were selected “on occasion” - to celebrate the next anniversary of our wedding, which will be in September. One varnish came up perfectly, and I will use it, but with the second I had to suffer.
... So, let's try to climb the stairs to the sky and play in the sun with pearl overflows with varnishes Deborah Lippmann "Stairway to Heaven" and Chanel # 545 "Attraction".

1. Varnish "Stairway to Heaven" Deborah Lippmann - climb the stairs to the clouds ...

Daylight without flash

My opinion: It happens that after a summer rain you raise your eyes to the sky and see soft white clouds, between which a rainbow peeps. So in Stairway to Heaven, iridescent iridescent fragments are scattered on a delicate white background. On the official website of Deborah, he is amusingly called the "rainbow icicle", but for me it is more like a "rainbow cloud." Of course, for the majority it will cause associations with wedding manicure - and I myself would love to use it on that memorable day when I got married, but in this case I will put it on the celebration of the next anniversary of our wedding, under a white cocktail dress. I think it can be used on hot summer days in combination with white clothes made of "flying" fabrics. It is gentle, pleasant to the eye, light and airy, "plays" in the sun, which I really like. Most attracted by its fabulous rainbow tints - non-screaming and beautiful.
By consistency, it is a translucent milk jelly in which either glitter or mica in the form of hexagons of delicate iridescent shades - bluish, yellowish, pinkish and silver, are recessed. It is applied very easily, dries quickly, is removed much easier than other Deborah glitters, even without foil. Durability is very good - about 5 days with a top (in the presence of a strong substrate). As for the substrate: I will use it only with it - white cream, as in the photo,. Or maybe dairy dull. He doesn’t look alone on his nails.
Daylight without flash near the window - all photos

Price: 18 $
Rating: 5+
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2. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color # 545 "Attraction" - attract with a pearl shine

My opinion: But with this white instance I had to suffer a lot. I asked my husband to drop into IDB and take some white varnish for the substrate under Deborah, he took Chanel Attraction - pearl white, of ordinary consistency, with pearl modulations. Of course, lacquer did not fit as a substrate because of its “pearlescent” and “pearl” properties - here you need a matte or cream one. And at first I thought that I would use Attraction separately, because I still love white shades. But how problematic it is to apply!
Firstly, Attraction pretty much "stripes", and even after applying the second layer. I had to wash my nails several times and paint again. Secondly, the varnish bubbles even on well-polished nails. Thirdly, it is very difficult for them to draw an even “smile” - even with a smooth bend, it turns out with a rough line and bubbles. As a result, I applied it for a very long time, and it still does not look the best on nails. But the durability surprised me - it lasts longer than other varnishes Chanel: I "lived" without chips for almost 5 days. But this is in the presence of 2 layers of the top INM. I think I’m unlikely to be actively using it.
Daylight without flash near the window - all photos

Price: It seems in the region of 1000 p.
Rating: 3

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