Shadows Flormar pretty compact quartet eye shadow (P041)

Having read good reviews about the shadows of this company, I could not resist and bought these shadows for trial and I want to share with you my opinion about them.

Detailed opinion:
I’ll start with the packaging, it’s plastic and it doesn’t bother me, but it bothers me that the lid is not fastened in principle (latch, magnet), but it holds well and sometimes there are difficulties opening.
We open and see our shadows, I like that each shadow is in its cell and there are borders between them that prevent the shadows from mixing.
The shadows themselves are loose, even do everything with a soft brush, dust (shadows) fly in different directions. The smell of the shadows is specific, the smell of Soviet shadows reminds me very much, but you only feel it if you specially poke your nose into the palette to understand if they smell at all.
Shadows are easy to apply, but I prefer to apply them with patting movements (I hope you understand me)) to achieve color.
They are worn very well in failure, they can withstand 10 hours for sure, I have not tried without a base.
And now I would like to talk about flowers:
The first one will be yellow
(For some reason, it turned out to be milky in the photo, but in reality it is gently yellow)
in principle, I bought the whole palette just for the sake of this color, in the store’s lighting it was incomparable, looked more like soft gold, sparkled with my gold sparkles on a soft yellow basis, I immediately fell in love with it.
Upon arrival home, I saw that it was just a light yellow shadow with a very small golden shimmer, which is not visible before our eyes, well, this is not so important.
Chocolate, a very interesting color for me, I have never seen anything like it before, such is the color of sweet milk chocolate. It goes well with other shades from this palette.
(again, the photo turned out to be not quite that color, here it is asphalted, and in life it goes more to green, the swamp color.
Orange, awesome color, very bright, but at the same time very delicate, it looks very impressive in the eyes.
All four colors together:
(in this photo all the colors are exactly the same as in life)
Here, the shadows are applied with a brush on top of the Art Deco base and without without. It can be seen that without a base they are almost invisible.
In general, I am happy with the shadows, for such a price the quality is very good and it is not a pity to experiment) I plan to buy a couple more pallets of this company
Price: 240 rub
Test period: month
Thanks to all!

Watch the video: Тени Flormar Pretty Compact Quartet Eye Shadow. Отзыв на тени Флормар (February 2020).