Sun Coral Bourjois 1 Seconde No. 5 (Corail Magique)

Girls, good day to all! As soon as I saw a promotional photo of the new collection of nail polishes from Bourjois, one shade sunk into my heart. Exactly the one you see above. Beautiful, delicate coral with small sparks. I was wondering if he is really so good in life as on the model's hand-sacked hand ... (or is it even painted?) Of course, he soon became mine. So, who are interested to read and see, Welcome!
To avoid confusion, I’ll say right away that my shade of varnish is called Corail magique, and on the official website it is designated as Corail feerique. But in any case, the number in the shade is 5.
This is how varnish looks in life. Volume - 9 ml. The word "Gel" is written on the bubble, which distinguishes this collection of varnishes "1 seconde" from the previous one. The manufacturer writes that the special gel texture of the varnish creates an ultra-gloss perfect coating:
The brush is wide and rounded, with a comfortable long handle. Thanks to this, you can paint the nails at the hole perfectly evenly:
In the varnish there are small golden sparks. It looks like mica. And there are a lot of them!
My opinion: Thanks to the wide rounded brush, the varnish is perfectly applied both at the hole and along the entire length. The texture of the varnish is gel, according to the manufacturer. According to my feelings, this is a thick cream with mica. And very thick. One layer lays well, completely covers the nail, but in some places bald spots form. The situation is corrected by the second layer, but the coating is so thick that it may seem that the nails will never dry. The varnish itself does not spread, its texture is too heavy. You need to paint the nails in one second and, preferably, in one or two strokes, (here the manufacturer did not brag, but warned), otherwise some mounds, waves of varnish and so on are obtained on the nails. In principle, you can cope with the application of varnish, because they are also worse.
The varnish dries for a very long time. The best option is to completely dry the first layer and only then apply the second. I could not dry the varnish without a top coat (i.e. drying). Just did not have the patience. But even my favorite drying from INM, which dries any varnish in 3-5 minutes, managed to cope with this varnish only after 20! That is, it is a varnish from the series "Make up and read a book."
The varnish is worn for a long time, exactly three days, (yes, for me it is a long time). But the more I don’t wear. Then it starts to exfoliate.
Now about the color. Honestly, the varnish is completely different from the one presented in the promotional photo. He does not have this tenderness. In life, he is such a vigorous orange coral with gold spangles (mica), as I wrote above. But I like it anyway. Sparks are almost invisible indoors or in the shade. And the varnish loses all its beauty. But in the sun ... it's just complete delight! The varnish shimmers and sparkles so that this can not even be transferred to the photo. In addition, the varnish is funky gloss. Color becomes bright, sunny. Do not look at it. As a result, I can say that this is a 100% summer, holiday varnish created for the sun and sea. Well, in cloudy weather, he’ll just get lost. Now show on the nails.
In the sun:

In the shadow:
Price: 7 euro
Rating: 4
Thank you all for your attention!
I hope you enjoyed it, waiting for comments.
My name is Sofia, see you soon!

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