My three favorite assistants

I want to introduce you to my scrabiks, which I mentioned in my previous post)
Well, look ...

I must say right away that these two scrubs are completely different in all respects. Therefore, I won’t write a lot of water, but I’ll go straight to the point and try to tell as much as possible about each product.
As I said in previous posts, I really love scrabies. I have a whole collection of them, but today I will present two of my last favorites to your court.
The review will begin with what helps me in working with my scrubs))
1. Martini Spa Massage - Sponjiki
The set includes 4 sponges, cellulose material. Sponge can be used in different versions. It is suitable for removing makeup, for facial massage with a cosmetic product.
Take a closer look ...
Price: 27 UAH (for 4 pcs)
Rating: 5
Duration of use: 4 months
2. Organic Shop - Ginger Sakura - Cleansing Facial Scrub
Convenient bottle, easy to open, especially when you do the procedure while lying in the bathroom. Thanks to this, you can easily control the amount of funds that you need.

Girls, this is divine! A breathtaking smell ... mmmmm ... Words are impossible to convey! It is a pity that we have not yet come up with such a thing through which you can smell))) When I opened the bottle, I thought that I would just lose consciousness from such an amazing smell. Oh, that sakura! The first memory that surfaced before my eyes was the chewing gum of my childhood. Love is ...
After this effect, I could not resist not to try. I smeared and sit on the buzz ... There is no more scrub that would smell so ... I can’t say that I got a supernatural result ... An ordinary scrub, gently cleansed my skin, saved my face from dust and pollution. But, unfortunately, I did not get the effect that I used to get from scrubs. I love deep cleansing. And this scrub cleans superficially. However, I will not refuse this product. Using it brings me great pleasure!
The scrub contains olive oil, organic ginger oil, sakura extract and green tea. Color gently pink with small grains.
Here is such a one:
And these very grains ...
Rating: 5 (well, I can not put another rating because of the smell, excuse me))))
Price: 30 UAH
Testing period: 3 months
3. Vitex- Dead Sea Cosmetics- 2 in 1 scrub mask for oily and problem skin.
I took it to the heap when I made the order, the price was subdued, since it costs a penny. At first I didn’t use it because the previous scrub won my heart, but since that product does not give me the necessary cleansing, I decided to try this remedy. Firstly, it is convenient and economical to use.
Secondly, I didn’t have such a product before. interested in like this mask and scrub all in one bottle ... So it is. The texture of the product is creamy with granules. One part of the scrub is usually white, like a regular cream, and the second is brown, closer to black granules))
I also like his smell very well! Such a light, marine ... You can smell the aroma of green tea, which is part of the composition, and the smell of the sea, this is natural since the Dead Sea minerals are also in the bottle))
The manufacturer promises that the product will deeply cleanse and saturate the skin with minerals, heal and prevent acne, regulate the sebaceous glands. And to my surprise ... Scrub copes with all the above tasks !!)) Honestly, I loved him with all my heart! After using this product, I no longer need to use additional cosmetics. I use scrubs and peelings in the evening, while taking a bath or before dinner ... and I lead all this to the fact that before going to bed I don’t need to clean my face anything else ... I don’t need tonics, lotion and moreover in night creams. And waking up, my skin is clean, without a greasy shine and a face that shines with smoothness and dullness.
Let's look at the composition:
- salt of the Dead Sea - saturates skin cells with minerals and minerals of the Dead Sea, regulates metabolic processes, normalizes the mineral balance and prevents the appearance of acne,
- green tea extract - normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, narrows the pores, tones the skin,
- crushed apricot kernels - remove dead cells and stimulate skin renewal.
Well, the cream scrub itself:

Rating: 5+
Price: 20 UAH
Test period: 2 months
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