Clarins Instant Liner Reviews

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Today I will have a post about Clarins eyeliner.
The photo:

1. Eyeliner Clarins Instant Liner, 01 black. 1.8 ml

Detailed opinion: I really like eyeliners of different planes, eyeliners. I really like eyeliners with brushes, it’s most easy for me to draw a neat line of any thickness. This eyeliner with a latex brush (like a felt, but more wear-resistant and comfortable, the tip does not break), with a very convenient long cover. I got used to it quickly, the photo of the arrow below was taken just the day after the purchase.
The eyeliner is quite liquid, it must be shaken before use. It has a matte finish, but by the end of the day it becomes glossy, tested only in the summer, and we already have 35 degrees in the shade ... so the glossy effect is obtained precisely because of the hot weather)
After application it dries very quickly and has impeccable durability. The eyeliner is not waterproof, but it does not smear during the day. It is washed off very easily with makeup remover of any consistency.
Eyeliner does not irritate the eyes, which is very important for me, as I have very sensitive eyes.

Rating 5.
Price 1100 rub. without discount.
2. Clarins Eye Kohl Kajal Liner 02 Violet from Enchanted Summer 2012 - Resistant Oriental Eyeliner-Stick

Detailed opinion: This Kohl is part of the 2012 summer collection.
I really wanted Kohl from the Guerlain collection, but they dissuaded me from buying it ...
Recently, in one review, I saw this little thing, and for some reason I was very attracted ... I ran the next day and bought it)
It is very beautiful, saturated purple hue, but when photographing, the blue gets out, but I tried to convey the right shade!

Very soft, easy to apply.
It is convenient to hold in your hand.
But very carefully it is necessary to open the cap, since the ring does not twist, it is ready for use after the cap is removed! About this, even the manufacturer warns us.

On the mucous membrane is not quite resistant ... but I would like to, but for centuries it keeps me perfectly, until makeup is removed! Even the club survived ... A riddle ... Since it is erased from the hand the first time!
On the lower eyelid, it is necessary to shade it a bit, then its durability increases. This rule for the upper eyelid does not need to be used, since there it holds like a nail!
Here's the Clarins Eye Kohl Kajal Liner 02 Violet combined with Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow # 46 Flirty Lilac:

Price: I don’t remember ... I threw away the check, but I bought several positions, but like 960 without a discount.
Thank you for your attention, Beauties!

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