Mysterious Owl: Owl Hand Cream by Natural Products Ltd

Not so long ago I came across quite by accident a picture with hand cream in an owl jar. And since I am a fan of owls, I decided that this copy would be an adornment of my collection of utilitarian objects with owl themes. The funny thing was that I could not find the manufacturer, nor the full name, nor even a sufficient number of reviews (namely, only 3)! Only one review turned out to be Russian-speaking, and that was from a girl from the Baltic countries. But I love owls, so I urgently needed such a cream, and I twisted, but still got it, and in a record time of 3 weeks.
In addition, even after I got it and turned the box in my hands, the brand manufacturer still remained a mystery to me, so it is not listed in the title of the post. The only thing indicated is the corporation for which this product is made - Natural Products Ltd.

So the owl:
The owl is beautiful, it is blue because the hand cream is lavender. Still in the assortment with the aroma of the flowers of orange, verbena and rose. Owls are gray, orange and red, respectively. An owl came in a transparent box with painted branches, as if sitting on a tree.
The owl is small, its height is only 3 inches. Cream inside 18 ml. In the photo, I put a varnish on the owl so that you had an idea of ​​the height of the jar.

The cream is extracted by unscrewing the owl of the head) In the picture I show how much you need to turn the head. Owl as if watching what is happening around.

The head cap is open.

Inside a thick and fragrant cream.

The cream smells very lavender, I did not find any chemical notes in the aroma. This was a pleasant discovery for me, because still the product is perceived more like a toy. I use the cream at night, so that the theme of the owl will be revealed, and the cream will go away more economically, and the lavender smell helps to fall asleep. The product is perfectly absorbed into the skin, softens the hands well and really moisturizes them. Moreover, the effect I feel is prolonged. My skin on my hands was very dry by the time I started using the cream, and after the first application I felt the difference. After a week, the difference was already very distinct.
Composition in the studio:
The funniest thing is the inscription that the product is not a toy.
Price: It costs 5-6 pounds, but I still paid 6.5 pounds for delivery. Therefore, the cream came out golden. But I perceive it as a collectible, so for me the price is normal.
Test period: 2 weeks

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