Chanel flagship boutique in Moscow

Hello beauties!
I hasten to share the wonderful news with you: in the shopping gallery on the ground floor of the Moscow Hotel the first and so far the only European perfumery and cosmetic boutique Chanel has opened.

The shop, whose interior is designed in the style of the boutique and headquarters of Coco Chanel on Parisian Cambon Street, covers an area of ​​150 square meters. m and is divided into three zones. In the first, decorative cosmetics are sold, in the second - care products, in the third - perfumes.

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In the area of ​​decorative cosmetics, you can find basic collections, both seasonal and limited, sold only in single-brand brands (now the Robot collection is presented in the store). In Moscow Chanel boutique you can buy cosmetics created specifically for the Asian and American markets, which are not sold anywhere in Europe. Soon, a collection of Le Blanc makeup, created exclusively for Asia, will appear in the boutique, creating the effect of alabaster-white skin, Kommersant reports.
In the area where care products are sold, the full Chanel line is presented, including the famous Sublimage series. Here, once a week, a cosmetologist will work (by appointment).
The perfume department was also unique for Moscow. Absolutely all Chanel fragrances are presented here - those included in the basic collection, boutique, and even Les Exclusifs de Chanel. All 48 fragrances of the brand are presented very clearly - they are divided into 9 groups, depending on the nature of the smell.
I am going to pay a visit there and take a closer look in the coming days.
They promise such services as a wish list and limit recording, which is very convenient: your limit has arrived - they called you
It will also be very interesting to look at the Asian limits "live", so to speak.
And perfumes! Mmm, I'm already looking forward ...))
What do you think about this?
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