Photos for posts with makeup

As a person who has been practicing self-photography for quite some time now, it seems to me (if we discard false modesty), I can allow myself some advice to those who are just starting to do this, especially since I made all these mistakes myself.
There have already been great posts on how to take photos for posts, how to crop these photos later, and in general a lot of useful tips on this topic - my post will be somewhat more focused, but certainly useful to someone.

I don’t know about you, but I like to look at faces in posts about cosmetics, I often miss a lonely swatch on a kneecap on a piece of skin, but it’s much easier to imagine how lipstick looks on me if it is photographed on a face in a post . But only if these photos meet some of my requirements, namely:
- they clear. There is nothing worse than a blurred eye in the frame, which invites viewers to exert imagination. Sometimes fantasies on these topics are completely rampant)
- they are enough large. A photo with pets in an embrace and a whole room in the background, demonstrating the delights of an eyeliner, is not particularly informative.
- they do not sin too much processing. Of course, the processing can be different, like our ideas about beauty and our own shortcomings, but if I see only the nose in the photo, and everything else is beautifully blurry on the sides, I begin to envy myopic - they may not even guess about problems with their skin)
- on them no fancy frames. Well, they have a right to exist, of course, but within reason. Sometimes a person peeps out from such a herbarium (or planetarium, who likes which one more), that begs the thought - is it not superfluous among these flower beds? Of course, everyone has the right to arrange posts as they please, but if this is the one and only photo of the general plan, with its information content, again, I would argue.
- you sole participant in events. A photo from the graduation party, where you are marked with an arrow, and around another twenty people, may be nice and dear to you personally, but they are unlikely to become clear to people who are looking for lips with lipstick in the picture.
- neutral background. Any glamorous look with the most beautiful makeup and your best foreshortening is instantly nullified. "wrap"looking naive from behind your back."
It turns out that the requirements are not so few, but to do it is not at all as difficult as it seems. We will need a camera, a face, daylight and a little patience.
Any self-image distorts the face - with some lenses it is noticeably stronger, with some less, but you still have to put up with distortions if there is nobody on the other side of the lens or you are not using a remote control. The only way to minimize losses is to move as far away from the camera as possible. Here, of course, problems pop up: your carpet persistently creeps into the frame, and the dresser tries to seamlessly integrate into the composition ... But this can be solved with a few buttons in the photo-processing programs, which was discussed in this post.
Not everyone has the opportunity to take pictures in the afternoon in front of the window - and then a flash comes into play. Chpok - and a clear, brilliant image on a dark background is ready, the colors are visible (it doesn’t matter that they are a bit like themselves, we’ll sign that this is a flash and everyone will understand!) And you can quickly fasten the post. If you are not doing high-speed post writing in marathon mode, wait for daylight. Everyone has a weekend, and the photo in front of the window is always more informative and truthful than a night photo session with lamps. I live on the ground floor opposite the park and my attempts to photograph the next make-up almost always cause a lot of questions for passers-by (what a lot of local people are!), But clear photographs are more important to my reputation) If you, contrary to the laws of all developed and developing countries, have no weekend, do not direct at least the flash directly into the face. Even if you just cover the flash with a paper towel, it will scatter the light and your face will not look like a landscape map.
Play with the settings. In any, even the most stupid camera, there are several modes. Most likely, a “portrait” will help you, those who set up the camera thought about everything that you could think about under these conditions. Moreover, many, even very stupid cameras have instructions and sometimes it contains something more useful than "to replace the battery, find button A".
So, you have chosen the place and settings of the camera, now the sacred action is the choice of posture! A little flirtation never hurts, but remember that you are taking a photo for a website about cosmetics, and not to a dating site. Best of all, products (if you take into account the purpose of the post :) are perceived on the face with a calm expression, for example, a light friendly smile. You can look into the frame or not, this is the tenth thing, but the most important thing is that it would be nice for the post hero to read in the photo! The signature "true, in the open eyes of the shadows you can’t see it well" leads to a reasonable question, why is there any general photo here.
After making a couple of frames, do not be too lazy to turn the camera over with the display to yourself and see what you got. It can be frightening to take pictures of fifty frames and find that most of the photos are focused on the walls due to incorrect settings.
Whether or not to publish your face on a popular resource is everyone’s decision. I perfectly understand those who prefer not to shine - but, on the other hand, reading posts with faces is much more interesting and informative, moreover, if a person is ready for constructive criticism, he can get useful experience. We are all different, but we have one thing in common - a love of cosmetics!