Dr.Jart - Water Sure Gel

Good afternoon everyone, today I want to talk about moisturizing lifting gel for the face)

What the manufacturer says about the product: Light gel moisturizes, protects, soothes, creates a feeling of freshness, super hydration and comfort. Instantly erases traces of fatigue, fills the skin with vital energy. The gel is quickly absorbed and effectively removes irritation and redness. The product has the ability to "lock" water in the skin and prevent its excessive evaporation, which provides a stable lifting effect. Reliably protects from adverse environmental factors. It is an ideal base for decorative makeup. It does not contain fat, does not leave a film and a sticky feeling.
Main components: Fructan, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid bacteria peptide, extracts: African baobab seeds, cranberries, olive leaf, Japanese Sophora flowers, horsetail.
Here is the full composition:
Detailed opinion: Initially, I came across this tool in miniature, I have never heard of such a brand, on the Internet there were mostly reviews on the BB cream of this company, as for this tool, there was nothing sensible. Started using the gel in March,
I tried, was delighted, and already ordered a full-size version. The full version of the gel is in a rather weighty plastic jar, a spoon was included in the kit, which for some reason broke very quickly (((
The product has some incredibly light airy texture even for a gel, a very light fresh aroma that is felt only in a jar. The color is cloudy whitish.

When I put it on my face, it turns into a little water, feeling as if I just washed my face and did not wipe it with a towel. No matter how much money I’ve applied, everything is absorbed, I put a drop, it’s enough for the whole face, I’ll apply much more and it will also be absorbed, so the gel can be consumed very economically and not.
1 minute sticky, then the face is velvety, it does not shine with me. I’m not a specialist in formulations, I don’t know how many silicones are there, but when I touch the skin, there is no feeling that the film on the face and the skin does not breathe. Makeup is applied wonderfully. Put on it and tonal and bb-cream, hold well. As for the lifting effect, it’s difficult for me to judge, as long as there is no need) Matting is not stated, my skin is normal, but I guess that it is suitable for oily due to the lightest texture.
The main advantage of it for me is that the manufacturer did not lie about the ability of the product to soothe the skin, remove various kinds of irritations and redness. For the summer, hydration is enough for 100%. SPF no.
Absorbed instantly
Thank you all for your attention.
Price: 50 $ with delivery
Test period: 4 months

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