Sea and sand - is makeup viable?

hello girls.
Today I am for your advice))

the problem is the following - despite the fact that I am well aware that brown gamma is recommended as an ideal complement to blue eyes, since these are opposite sectors in the color spectrum, I never used brown shadows in my life. There are several parables to this: the color itself is not very nice to me, and until recently brown shades were released in warm colors, which is completely contraindicated for me. but today there is a choice, and in the spring I naturally took courage and decided to try brown. my choice fell on the chocolate mono-prism from Givenchy. Naturally, for a full make-up she needed companions, and I was overtaken by a series of purchases in this gamut. however, I continue to feel a little out of place when using brown, golden and all the shades next to them. and today on the agenda is a combination of gold and blue. and if with the latter I feel, as they say, at home, then with the former it is much more difficult - after all, the uncomfortable feeling does not leave me. in connection with which I present a make-up option to your court, your opinion is interesting - the compatibility of shades, the degree of "fit" to the eyes and the integrity of the image as a whole))
products used in makeup:

Shiseido Skincare The Skincare Tinted Moisture Protection # 01Light
Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats Blush # 07 Caresse De L'aube
art makeup Eyebrow and eyelash gel
Gosh Brow Kit - a set for modeling eyebrows (not in the photo - forgot)
Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color Eyeshadow Palette # 11 Sea & Sky
Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow Creamy Powder Eye Shadow # H9 Glistenning Sand
Clinique High Impact Black, Mascara - Black
Dior Addict Extreme # 356 Cherie Bow - Lipstick - Pink-Beige Nude

what has been done - Shiseido Creamy powder eye shadow Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow # H9 Glistenning Sand - cold golden on the entire moving eyelid to the bone, in the inner corner - layered a brighter color, brown from the ESTEE LAUDER palette into the outer corner and into the crease, almost to inner corner with a ledge up (remembering the overhanging eyelid), blue from there - to the lower eyelid with a slight extension from the outer corner, it is slightly shaded by the lightest - bleached blue mother of pearl, which is more actively added to the inner corner of the lower eyelid and under the eyebrow and long arrow dark blue them from the central sector of the palette.

in addition, in makeup (except for tone and powder) - Guerlain peach blush (tried a cold shade - out of place at all, in my opinion, settled on these here), and Dior Addict Extreme # 356 Cherie Bow - calm pink-beige nude on the lip, more pink than beige.

in general, listening to your opinions))
thanks for reading, I'm Lena

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