Idéal sublimé compact powder against skin flaws by Vivienne Sabo No. A3

I want to talk about my assistant in the fight against imperfections. Anyone interested is welcome.
Owners of oily and problem skin are faced with a choice between therapeutic, antiseptic and decorative cosmetics, which as a rule aggravates the situation. So, in search of powder for oily skin, I decided to try powder from Vivienne Szabo, as I read good reviews.
The powder is sold in such a box, inside of which there is a nice light green case, it seems very simple, but pleasant. It opens easily, inside I use it with a claim for a powder puff, it’s convenient enough, although if you need easier application it is certainly better to take a brush.
Sponge and mirror:

The powder was sold in three shades, I did not notice a big difference among them. And everyone has the peculiarity that when trying to apply powder on a finger or hand, it seems almost completely white and it is simply impossible to choose a shade, this property was also observed by Lumene powder. I bought a shade of A3, so as not to become a geisha, it is the darkest.On the finger is almost white
The aroma is almost absent, if you sniff something fresh, it is very good, since I do not like classic powdery-fondant smells, they seem old-fashioned and unpleasant to me.
The texture is quite dense, I liked how it disguises and evens out when I bought it, I thought it would lie thinner, but it all depends on the application method. The face becomes matte, the powder is visible on the face, I do not know whether it is good or bad. Matting decently, I have enough for half a day, I don’t like dusting, so as not to overload my face. Pores mask and does not clog, rinsed off with gel for washing without problems. The only negative is the underlined peeling, it lies unevenly on them and is visible on the cannon hairs in the first minutes after application, but literally five minutes later it blows it off them, so this is not a minus. I'm working on myself.
From afar:
The composition is amazing with the amount of parabens, pleases with zinc oxide, tea tree oil and salicylic acid. But I admit honestly if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t buy it, the composition could be livelier and the talc on the skin is felt.

Powder inflammation may not even cure, but at least it will not provoke, so I will continue to use it in the hope of preventing problems that have almost disappeared, although this is more due to Baziron.
Hope the post was helpful.
Duration of use: 1 month
Score 4 (minus the point for stressed peeling and parabens in the composition)
Price: 217 rub in Rainbow Smile