Means for the care of damaged, dry and brittle hair. Part 2 (Kerastase, Sebastian Professional, Goldwell, Paul Mitchell)

Again, I welcome everyone interested in this topic!
I want to continue to share my opinion about the noteworthy, tested by me means, intended for the care and taming of damaged, dry and brittle hair.
Tests are carried out on dyed hair, half of which - 12 centimeters from the roots have already grown normal, the second half to the ends, about the same centimeters, not yet trimmed dry, burnt hair, difficult to style.
There were no favorites in the first part. Damaged hair had to be cut off, almost 20 cm, nothing saved them. In the second part, a leader appeared in my departure ...
1. Thermoactive milk Kerastase Nutri-Thermique Nutritive
This thermoactive milk is intended for intensive care of very dry and especially sensitive hair. It should intensively nourish and deeply moisturize the hair, completely leveling the adverse thermal effects of the forceps or ironing.

My opinion:
This is the second thermal protection from Kerastaz in my care. Bribed by the fact that the milk is intended for very dry hair and should save even from cruel ironing. 150 ml flat plastic bottle. The milk in texture resembles a light cream, not greasy, not liquid, but not thick (denser than Cement from Kerastaz), white. It smells like a floral arrangement, not nasty, not intrusive, the smell on the hair does not leave. It is distributed normally, if you overdo it, then after drying in a natural way (before styling), the hair becomes a little harsh and even sometimes a little glued. If you blow dry, there is no such effect. Styling does not help, does not add smoothness, my hair does not save much from exposure to ironing. The hair does not split, but it is dried out anyway. Forgive me a million fans of this thermal protection, but she did not impress me at all. If you choose between cement and nutri-thermic, then cement is at least positioned as a therapeutic milk that thickens the hair, and this compensates for the feeling that it does not quite cope.
Rating: 2 out of 5
2. Moisturizing shampoo for dry and normal hair Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo
The shampoo contains extracts of Aloe Barbadensis, rosemary, henna, jojoba oil, panthenol.
Promises hydration, smoothness and other bonuses.

My opinion:
A nice bottle of 300 ml, comfortable to hold in your hand, a pleasant salon smell, a little reminiscent of the true male cologne. The shampoo is translucent, liquid, normally foams, rinses normally, and is easily washed off. It’s hard to say about hydration, because I can hardly imagine how a detergent can moisturize, but does not dry out for sure.
Leave no rating, not used separately.
3. Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment
The conditioner contains panthenol, extracts of the fruits of the greasy tree, Aloe Barbdensis, seaweed, extracts of rosemary, henna and jojoba oil.
The greasy tree really exists, though I only found on the Internet that it is an ornamental plant of the Malachay family, and that the oil obtained from pressed seeds goes to varnishes, paints, lighting ... But let's say it is also very useful ...

My opinion:
A convenient, nice tube of 200ml, which is 100ml less than shampoo. I still do not understand what the logic is, is it really all shampoo that takes more than conditioner? Due to the fact that it is a soft tube and not a bottle, the air conditioner is easily squeezed out and when it comes to the end it is easier to use everything without a trace. The color is white, the smell is the same as that of shampoo, but less saturated, I would even say light. According to the texture of medium density. It is distributed through the hair without difficulty. The effect disappointed me because there was not enough moisture for my hair. It really moisturizes, but as if slightly, as if it was not for dry hair, but for normal and slightly dry hair. Well, I did not see much smoothness and brilliance. I used it all, but absolutely nothing special.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
4. Conditioner for restoration and smoothness of hair Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner Sebastian
Conditioner to strengthen damaged hair nourishes and restores hair, suitable for those who expose hair to frequent chemical attack. Contains wheat and soya proteins.

My opinion:
I didn’t buy shampoo for this conditioner, because by that time I had accumulated several underused shampoos, 1/3 of each bottle (just because shampoo + conditioner is in almost all pairs, the second one is usually smaller, and it’s ends faster). Air conditioning 250 ml in a gray bottle with a small hole in the lid (such have all of the above), from where it is dosed. But, in view of the fact that this air conditioner is quite thick, you have to make some efforts to squeeze it out of there, small of course, but there is, and this is an inconvenience (others have no such inconvenience). The smell is pleasant salon, the color of the air conditioner is white. In terms of effectiveness, I can note that after using it, there really is a feeling that it nourishes the hair. But, it does not smooth, does not facilitate styling, does not make the hair noticeably soft or pleasant to the touch.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
5. Goldwell Repair Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Shampoo
Gentle cleansing with a restoring effect. Contains silk and pashmina proteins (a type of cashmere), and microfluid technology, whatever that means.

My opinion:
Here it is, my current favorite of shampoos. Bottle 250 ml. The smell is pleasant, pearl color. The texture of the shampoo is quite liquid, perfectly soap, I can even say that it is better than all the ones I wrote about. It rinses very well, rinses off easily, if you do not overdo it with soap lather (joke). The only thing, I immediately warn you, I tried to use it without an air conditioner, and when paired with other air conditioners, it does not work as well as with my own. It is paired with conditioner from its series that shampoo shows its best properties. The effect is well-washed soft hair.
Rating: 5 out of 5
6. Restorative conditioner for dry and damaged hair Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair Conditioner
Designed to nourish and restore dry and damaged hair. Thanks to the restoring effect, it improves combing and makes unruly hair obedient and soft. The promise "Conditioner will restore dry and damaged hair and make it well-groomed!" especially captivating ... Contains silk and pashmina proteins (a type of cashmere), microfluidic technology.

My opinion:
At the moment, this is the best air conditioner I have tried and the only one that is why I ordered the second time. The bottle is as always 200 ml, the smell is undetectable pleasant, like shampoo, the color is yellowish. The texture of the air conditioner is unusual - smooth and light, but dense. It is applied easily, slightly melts on the hair. Well, the effect: the hair is soft, smooth, as much as possible in this situation, easy to comb. Facilitates styling, as hair obedient. It works great together with the shampoo of this series, I haven’t tried it without shampoo. The main point is that the hair that I have already grown, and look almost normal, does not make heavier or oily or dirty, and makes it dry and damaged, which makes it softer and smoother. Well, what about the promise - the conditioner does not restore hair, it just really makes the hair more well-groomed.
Rating: 5 out of 5
7. Intensively regenerating mask for 60 seconds for dry and damaged hair Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 60sec Treatment
A fast-acting product for dry and damaged hair. Valid for 60 seconds. Contains like the whole series of silk proteins and pashmina.

My opinion:
Since I was impressed with shampoo, balm and other treatments in a tube of this company (in another post), I decided to try this mask. A jar of 200 ml, the smell is pleasant, the color is slightly pinkish. The texture is liquidish, similar to a concentrated conditioner. It is applied easily, it does not need much, does not flow. The effect is negligible in my opinion. The hair is pleasant to the touch, smoother than it was. But, in fact, without a super effect. Just a good mask, for four.
Rating: 4 out of 5
I did not write anything about the shine of hair from use, because my hair is best added to shine by washing my hair in principle and high-quality hair dye. Not a single shampoo or conditioner deprived me of this shine and not a single one added significantly)
It’s good if at least someone comes in handy my experience or at least someone thanks to him saves, as I could not save

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