Charming red Bourjois 1seconde No. 11 rouge in style

I came across a number of unusual bottle shapes at the Bourgeois stand and could not resist. I already had varnishes of this company that were not particularly impressed (although it was a long time ago). I really liked this one

It is difficult to photograph red varnish, it is very “chameleon-like”. I'll try to tell. The color is not warm, cherry, not dark and not light. Changes the shade depending on the lighting, with a home electric light in the evening it may seem much warmer than it actually is. Bright, juicy, saturated, does not yellow. Not really classic red. The varnish dries quickly, gives a good gloss. Durability is good - 2-3 days (then the tips begin to wear off). The panoramic brush is also nothing, you can really paint one nail at a time, but you still have to adjust it later. One layer was not enough. In the photo, varnish in 2 layers. The consistency of a medium density gel. Apparently, this is a new release of varnish, because in the old there are no such colors. It also says "gel silicone texture".

Price: about 230 p.
Rating: 5

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