Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Perfecting Powder Reviews

I want to share with you the frustration in powder

Powder Description:
Smooth and matte face color for 8 hours! MORE CLEAN SKIN FROM EVERY APPLICATION
Designed to take care of your skin, the BIO Détox compact powder formula is 100% made from natural ingredients and is certified Ecocert * as a natural cosmetics product. It includes many natural components, in the heart of which lies its star ingredient - plant chlorophyll, which improves the appearance of the skin and at the same time has a cleansing effect:
Plant chlorophyllsaturating the skin with oxygen and protecting it from external pollution, cleanses the epidermis, frees it from toxins and creates a protection against the negative effects of the environment.
Moringa Tree Seed Extract (Peptides)which has a cleansing effect and helps fight external pollution, protects skin cells from the aggressive effects of contaminants and heals the skin, facilitating the removal of particles that clog pores.
Flaxseed powder, which has the ability to regulate the release of fat, has a matting effect on the skin. It absorbs excess fat without clogging pores and without overdrying the skin.
Zinc oxidepossessing astringent properties narrows pores.
This detox effect is enhanced with each new application: skin imperfections and irregularities are smoothed out!
In the packaging, powders conquer its clean, modern and seasoned lines. The elegant box is enclosed in a green and silver-white case, reflecting the symbolism of the BIO Détox line. And in the open, it strikes with its panoramic mirror, which allows you to fully see your face like on a big screen. And - for complete happiness - thanks to the rotating hinge, the mirror can be rotated 360 °, or it can be fully deployed to turn into an ordinary mirror, which we always carry in our purse!
Let's get started.
I chose this powder according to reviews, it was said about a dense, but at the same time imperceptible coating. Just for me for the summer. My face is such that a veil and / or tinted moisturizer can not be dispensed with, but with tonal loading, and then also with powder - it seems too much for the summer. Well, I think the powder is right for me. I was also looking for a shade of 54, as if under a tan, but summer, I found it ... as a result, the powder is still a bit dark for me, but I have no time for tan and is unlikely to be this summer. Well, I don’t put it as a minus powder, but, you see, this turn of events reduces enthusiasm a bit. Well, okay, then.
For starters, the very innovative (no less, for sure) powder package:
Frankly - I do not like. As for me, this mirror rotating in all directions only interferes. Well, why should she turn so that? In addition, over time, a small backlash appeared in the mount, so it can turn by itself, if, for example, you suddenly pull the table on which the powder is standing. In general, garbage as for me.
Further, well, why make powder to the detriment of sponge? I’ll say right away that powder puff sponges are important to me, because to drag along the street with tassels, you know, is not with your hands. Okay in winter, there is powder at home and at work, we’ll interrupt, but in the summer I just want to take a walk somehow ...
This sponge ... well, it's bad. See:
It’s very porous, somehow oddly rubberized, it doesn’t cause any damage, it also doesn’t wear out well (I don’t complain about the lack of strength, I’m brandishing dumbbells at home every day). And this is a kind of sponge after 3-4 washings only. Crawled away. Then I found out that the sponge has different sides. one (which is shown in the photo) serves for the actual application of powder, the reverse - for polishing. But I didn’t try this polishing method, because the sponge on the other side is simply crowded. Well, I generally keep quiet about the size, it barely fits into my small fingers. I adapted the sponge for the powder from the old Max Factor powder, which has been serving me faithfully for 2 years. But this situation did not save much, because you cannot put it (i.e. another sponge) into this tiny department, therefore you had to carry this professional unsuitable foamy cloth with you. In general, I'm evil. If you think that all people use only brushes, then why, in principle, put a sponge? and if you don’t think so, why not make a normal design? sometimes these cosmetic designs just hit me on the spot. Design designed, but there even though the grass does not grow. I raged, but I do not like such meaningless "decorations" (if it were still beautiful ...)
Go directly to the powder:
Not the finest grinding, not the most dense compaction. Of the brushes I use the softest, then the powder almost does not crumble, otherwise everything is in dust. but in this situation, we can talk about a light veil, no more.
54 shade - light beige with a yellow undertones in the powder itself, but when blending it, at least for me it seems pink to kill. Maybe it's just my glitches.
In general, to the point. I will show the powder when applied with a sponge and a brush.
For starters, as usual, nightmares on elm street bare skin
In the presence of pores, redness, acne (on which there are also slight peeling), inelasticity ...
When applying with a sponge (native, for the beauty of the picture):
I understand that we all have different requirements and assessment parameters, but I will list the disadvantages that I see that I am not happy with, your opinion may differ:
- lays unevenly, with spots. I have to "lay down"
- in my opinion, she rather emphasized the pores. Yes, they are big enough, but we knew much better results. Well, in general, pores look like pores on a bare face, but with some kind of powdery holes ...
- she did not cope with red by 5, rather, the problem areas became pink, not flesh-colored.
- stressed the tiny wrinkles in the nasolabial folds, the hairs above the lip, the peels on the pimples that came down ... I do not forget to moisturize the skin.
- felt on the face.
- Well, in general, a personal feeling is not that. there is no that sleek face that I expected ((
And now with a brush, just plain powder:
Honestly, I don’t see a result here at all. That's how it was, and it remains.
As for matting, I will say this - mediocre. That is, well, the standard 3-4 hours, then for the perfect look it is better to dust the powder (well, here it’s possible to do with a brush, so be it). A couple of times I even noticed that the powder just flowed out, peeled off, but this is in extreme heat. I did not notice any leaving properties either. Perhaps it’s not enough used, but something tells me that ... you know))
In the end: I probably didn’t like the powder. Her density did not play into my hands. In principle, you can somehow manage with it, but this sponge somehow wildly spoils my mood. But the mother seemed to like the powder with her dry skin, and I will give it to her.
Rating: 3-.
Term of use: 1.5 months

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