Sparkle - and no nails

Hello, beauties!
Today, to your court, I present several Angel varnishes. I bought them in mid-spring in a fit of shopaholism.

General characteristics: The brush is comfortable, the consistency is excellent, the volume of the bubble is only 6 ml. In one layer a little strip, in two - ideal. The varnish does not bubble, does not chip, it is worn with dignity for three days (without a top!), Then the tips are rubbed. In the shade or cloudy weather, the colors look very calm, but when the sun appears, they open in all their glory (just a pity, when uploading photos to a post, they faded a little ...). I love holographics for their beauty, ease of application and for the fact that they hide all the irregularities of the nail plate.
On all photos, the varnish is applied in two layers, without the use of a top and base.
No. 1 Angel nail enamel prism No. 563.

No. 2 Angel nail enamel prism No. 572.

No. 3 Angel nail enamel prism No. 551.

No. 4 Angel nail enamel prism No. 553.

I wear all the shades presented with pleasure, with the exception of blue. Once again I am convinced that this is not my option, although on others I really like this color. And the last two copies are now in my favorites, despite the summer.
Rating: all 5.
Price: 50 rubles.
Here is such a concise story ... Well, what can I say? And so everything is visible ...
Thank you all for your interest. I’m Julia (“you”).

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