Freeman masks in my fridge

Cucumber, chocolate, pineapple ... What goodies does my skin more like?
In this post, we will talk about three completely different Freeman face masks.
1)Freeman Facial enzyme mask pineapple
From the manufacturer
Freeman Pineapple with Enzyme Cleansing Face Mask has a rejuvenating effect. Strengthens the skin and fights the first signs of aging, smoothes out skin surface defects and gives your skin elasticity and natural shine.
From me:
Excuse me, what kind of effect? Anti-aging ?!
What nonsense, comrade manufacturers? My mother got zero sense from this mask. She did not feel any action at all, and besides, this smell annoys her. And with great pleasure I use it from time to time. It refreshes and leaves a slight blush.
We did not even get hydration from such a mask. The mask for consistency-jelly and after 15 minutes of using it does not change its consistency. It pinches eyes all this time (she probably has such evaporation)
In general, the meaning of this mask is not clear to anyone.
Rating:2 (for being refreshing)
2)Freeman Facial detoxifying mask chocolate & strawberry
From the manufacturer:
Chocolate and Strawberry face mask based on white clay, enriched with strawberry and cocoa extracts, detoxifies, evens out complexion and tightens pores. The constituent oils of shea butter and cocoa have an antioxidant effect, deeply nourish and moisturize the skin. For dry and normal skin, suitable for T-zone skin care.
From me:
Something little is believed that it really removes toxins.
The mask is a clay chocolate mass, which looks and smells like chocolate pudding.
If it is applied to the skin with a thick layer, then it will crack, before it has even dried and torn off in pieces, but by applying it in a thin layer, we will avoid this. Drying, it changes color (speckled and it looks funny) from dark to lighter. Even in the place of each pore there are oily traces of a “point”. Like any clay mask, it dries the skin very much, we fix it with a cream, but, unlike any other clay mask I have tested, this does not clean much, but it adequately narrows the pores.
Apply a thin layer, wait 10-15 minutes, does not crack during drying.
We look.
In general, I’m ready to forgive her for the smell.
Rating 3 (For failure to fulfill promises, but plus for the smell)
3) Freeman Facial peel-off mask cucumber.
From the manufacturer:
Freeman refreshing mask film with cucumber gently cleanses the skin, renews, evens it out and makes it silky. Natural extracts of cucumber and aloe in combination with vitamin E deeply moisturize and whiten the skin, reducing the appearance of unwanted pigmentation.
From me:
This mask, like everyone else, I acquired thanks to a grasping reflex. And now, the cucumber assistant has been living in my bathroom for a year and a half.
The manufacturer promises a lot of unjust things, so I have developed the habit of not taking a word.
The mask does not moisturize, but on the contrary, dries; it doesn’t whiten or reduce pigmentation (I wouldn’t let anyone whiten my freckles!) But we must give it its due, it really refreshes, evens out the color, exfoliates and cleanses. No, CLEANS!
She acts on me on the principle of stripes from black dots. The mask itself is fluid and viscous, completely transparent. Apply and hold for 10-15 minutes. For some reason, during the exposure, my eyes twitch.
See for yourself:
Sorry for the unaesthetic.
In this photo, all the horror that she draws from my nose is not conveyed, because I use it regularly.
Rating 4 (for using it as strips for the nose.)
I want to note that all masks are in large 150 ml tubes, so that they last for a long time, they are budgetary, they smell delicious, but, unfortunately, they are not effective.
I hope that someone helped with the choice, and someone saved from an unnecessary purchase.
My name is Dasha.

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