MAC Select Cover Up Reviews

Oh, how I would like to be dark and also - the owner of a chocolate tan! But even after five years in the Mediterranean, I returned to Moscow, as if from the North Pole, with white skin, freckles and the absence of the slightest hint of tan. On the white skin, both “incidents” and the shadow under the eyes are clearly visible, so I have been looking for a suitable concealer for a long time and have tried a lot of things. And now I started using MAC Select Cover-Up Cache-Cernes # NW 15

Concealer MAC Select Cover-Up Cache-Cernes # NW 15

Opinion: This is the lightest tone in the line of concealers, which, according to MAC makeup artist, are most suitable for mixed / oily skin type. Funny packaging reminds me of tubes of paints, from which they squeeze onto an easel. Consumption - ridiculously minimal: to cover up two bluish sacs under the eyes, you need a completely drop of water. The texture is very soft, easy to shade, dries quickly, but not instantly (otherwise there would be problems with shading). Well, what are the words there, I’d better show a photo of how it overlays the dots drawn on the skin - black, brown and bright pink:

I must say right away that concealer should not be ideally shaded with eyeliner / lip pencils - unlike bruises and pimples, the pencil line is not a part of the skin, and its color mixes with the concealer if you start to drive hard. That’s why the borders of the “fill” are visible) And so it overlaps and shades with a bang

Test period: several days
Rating: 5+++
Estimated cost: something around 800 r seems

Watch the video: Review: MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer (February 2020).