Everyday neutral makeup

Hello, beauties!
I have one palette, the shadows of which I use as a rule only as a substrate for makeup. Today, she decided to use them again for a very simple daytime makeup that takes a minimum of time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the phased photos. Only two main steps were taken to photograph.
1. First, I draw with a pencil such a "pattern". With a pencil, I just touch the skin lightly, as if I were putting dots. Since the pencil is quite soft, there are no problems with this.
2. Then you need to blend the pencil with a brush. I even had to use cotton buds to remove the excessive brightness.
3. Next, I continue to shade the pencil with the darkest shade from the BeYu palette, it just matches the color of the skin with the color, and therefore it is practically invisible. I put it on the whole moving eyelid.
4. The lightest shade from the palette I put under the eyebrow and into the inner corner of the eye.
5. For brightness, I added a little more pencil along the line of eyelash growth, tinted eyelashes.
6. The face was applied foundation mixed with a primer.
7. Added a little blush and lipstick. Everything!
The result is in front of the eyes.

Used products.
As a concealer I took foundation from Vichy.
For the overall tone of the face I took the same cream, mixing it with a primer from Oriflame.
BeYu Eye Shadow.
Submarine Pencil Ffleur ES 101.
Oriflame 5-in-1 mascara, she has been living with me for a long time, she decided to check it - she concluded that everything, it's time to throw it away, has dried up. And in terms of time - 3 months have already passed.
Blush by Bourjois # 95.
Also needed for eyebrows - gel from Vivienne Sabo and gray pencil Art-visage140.
Lipstick Maybelline Hydra Extreme # 721.
In general, it turned out pretty quick makeup in a neutral range. If you brighten your lips, I think you can use it completely for the evening.
Thank you all for your attention!
Regards, Nick.

Watch the video: Everyday Neutral Makeup. Work & School Friendly. Simple Look. Brown skin (February 2020).