Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Reviews

Hi girls
I want to show you what kind of manicure I was at my graduation party)
anyone interested, I ask for a cut

as you can see, two varnishes were used: Chanel 539 June as a “substrate” and the top with gold sequins Podium Stars # 91
What can I say about varnishes?
Chanel 539 June
very beautiful color, "milk orange", resistance for 2-3 days, personally with me. when I rushed to buy it, then this collection was practically nowhere to be found, and I traveled around the whole city to buy it) so that it is dear to me))
period of use: month
price: 303 UAH
rating: 5
Podium Stars # 91
such a varnish from the mass market. it’s very difficult to wash off, respectively, it extends the life of the substrate almost up to a week, if it is well painted over, and not like me. lacquer with sparkles, he is also in Africa lacquer with sparkles)
period of use: half a year
price: about 30 UAH
rating: 4 (washing off is very difficult)
manicure in the photo for three days, so I apologize for the erased ends
here is the photo:
photo in daylight:
in such a pseudo-shadow:
this is what he reminds me of):
And a bit more))

Thanks for attention
I'm Natasha, to me on the "you")

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