Maybelline Dream Nude Foundation

Hello, beauties! Today, the post will be devoted to the Maybelline Dream Nude tone foam (030 golden beige). This is my first post not about varnish, so do not throw slippers heavily
It all started with a Maybelline commercial ... since I saw the tonic in the form of a mousse for the first time, I immediately decided to buy it!
Fortunately, my friend bought it already for a test, the color did not fit her and she gave it to me!
I must say that the color didn’t suit me either! But I still decided to review it, because maybe it’s useful to someone
Taking away the cherished foam from a friend, I immediately decided to squeeze out a little ... first something was squeezed out liquid like water and moreover, white! THIS I immediately wiped with a napkin! Then, remembering the hair foam, I decided to shake the jar well. The second time the foam was squeezed out at last, but so much lemon in size just rests. In general, after 4-5 clicks, I still got the hang of squeezing the right amount!
Here it looks right after extrusion:
By the way, when squeezing the foam almost white, but after a few seconds it acquires the declared shade!
When smearing the foam, it becomes clear that the tonnik is very liquid!
two strips in the photo (just smeared and already smeared):

And now the worst naked face:
The photo shows that it has acne, and redness, and peeling, and freckles.
And now a photo with a tonalnik:
in some particularly scary places, the tonalnik is in two layers.
Well what about the miracle foam ...
It does not strongly emphasize peeling and, in principle, copes well with redness. However, after applying, I did not leave the feeling that my face was sticky ... this powder was fixed. I was also struck by what happens if water gets in:
For photography, I just dripped a few drops of water and did not even smear it with my fingers! A drop stupidly dragged along the entire tonalnik and it turned out a bald spot!
Test period: 4 times and never will be.
Price: 360r
Rating: 3
Thank. that you read to the end!

Watch the video: Review: Maybelline Dream Nude Air Foam Foundation (February 2020).