Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Color Reviews

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More than half a year ago, you dear Beauticians helped me in choosing with a more suitable red, for which many thanks!
Immediately on the quality: applying lipstick with a stick does not always work out well, because it "velveteen" poorly draws the contour of the lips (the brush helps in this), lays down without bald spots, uniformly, the lipstick is dense, its presence on the lips is felt, I personally do not have enough moisture in it, but if it was moderately wet it would not have turned out such a finish. For lack of moisture and difficulty in applying, I lower the rating.
She is quite persistent 5 hours without adjusting her socks (without a snack), usually leaves as befits bright lipsticks, the middle leaves, the edge remains (it would certainly be strange if the edge left first, a terrible sight = D)
It does not clog into folds, peeling does not emphasize (very important in winter), there are no white stripes.
The lipstick is bright, for me it’s not for every day, and thank God, because of its disadvantages, I could not wear it more than once every 2 months.

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Rating: 4
Price: 29,95€
Test period: half a year
Many thanks to everyone who read it.
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