My fragrant assistants in body care from TM "Savonry"

Good evening, Beauticians. I have been reading your posts a long time ago, and finally I decided to write something myself.
I used to prefer body scrubs for home-made body (well, still natural), and then I ordered a sugar scrub for testing in an online store and somehow I became lazy to make scrubs myself. The culprits of this were ONI-sugar body scrubs from TM Savonry "Chocobella" and "1001 Nights." If interested, please ...

With these scrabies I linger in the shower and bastard from the process of body care.
So here. Let's start with the packaging. Each scrub has a volume of 300 g (which is very, very good), such a weighty jar that is nice to hold in your hands, a jar with a double lid.
We open ...
As you can see, the jar with the brown Chocolate contents is almost empty — my helper is in relaxation in the winter, and the jar with the pinkish Peach filling has been tried only once — almost new.
Savonry Chocobella Sugar Scrub

It is just something! The smell is natural chocolate, the consistency is rather thick, cane sugar mixed with cocoa and oils,
but when the temperature rises, in the bathroom or on the skin, it begins to soften and melt.
The presence of shea butter, olive, jojoba, coconut and cocoa in the oils perfectly care for the skin, nourish it, moisturize. The scrub is still rather rough, large particles — it scratches well, but for priests who have sat up for the winter, they’d do it right for a sedentary lifestyle
After using the scrub, no creams or body lotions are required. The skin remains greasy (oily), but the oil is absorbed fairly quickly, while retaining a delicious aroma until the next shower.
Rating 5 +++
Buy more (for winter)
The price in the online store 245 rubles at a discount
Next Hero - Savonry Sugar Scrub 1001 Nights
The smell is amazing! Peaches, peaches, peaches ... Sea and sun ... Ah ... The color of pinkish-peach is very nice.
The consistency is the same as that of his friend-friend Chocolate, thick cane sugar with peach extract, peach (I just don’t understand what kind of peach it is) and all the same oils: coconut, jojoba, olive, shea butter.
After use, the skin is oily, moisturized, melts and nourishes on the body, nourishes, nourishes ...
A breathtaking fragrance haunts in a good way for a long time
Rating 5 +++
I will buy more
The price in the online store 245 rubles at a discount
I love these scrubs, I am very glad that I discovered them for myself. I will try other options for this brand.
Thanks for stopping by.
Be beautiful and loved!
I’m Masha, you are with me.

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