Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow Reviews

Good morning)
Well, I got to my last Chanel palette ...
Prelude is the calmest of all my pallets. Really fall-fall. All colors are soft, muted, even with the darkest shade, it seems to me that saturated evening makeup will not work. For lovers of natural, discreet makeup, this palette will be indispensable.
Prelude is excellent in quality. The shadows are soft, satin, do not dust and do not crumble, are easily typed on the brush and lend themselves perfectly to shading. I wear them, like all shadows on the basis of Art Deco as much as necessary. Do not roll all day long. The only misunderstanding that you may have with them is the color rendering problem. If you initially tune in to gentle undertones, then there will be no disappointment at all, because even with a wet brush you will not get a rich make-up.
Light shade - soft creamy, even slightly pearly - standard basic shade, to highlight the inner corner of the eye, to apply to the entire eyelid, under the eyebrow it is still a little noticeable to me, I try not to use it so as not to shine with eyebrows per kilometer) )
Light gray is a soft silver, very light shade, I apply it only on the entire eyelid, as the main color, where else I can’t apply my mind because of its transparency.
Dark gray - warm, with an admixture of brown, well pigmented, perfectly goes to darken the corner and draw the fold. Very nice color. It is thanks to him that the eyes become elusively expressive and the look so coveted-deep)
Dark is almost black, but I would rather call it very dark gray-brown, very dark and almost matte. It lies flat, without bald spots. It also goes to darken a corner, but I use it so rarely, yet with it a brighter make-up (if this word can be applied to this palette) is obtained. I use it only as an eyeliner, barely barely walking along the eyelash growth line, it is of that suitable shade that you will never see before our eyes, but nevertheless it does its job perfectly - the inter-eyelash space is perfectly and completely imperceptibly traced , eyelashes seem thicker, and eyes, respectively, more expressive.
Well, a little Prelude before our eyes ...

Rating: 5
Duration of use: last fall
Estimated Cost: $ 70
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and what are your most favorite fours Chanel?))

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